Avoid These Mistakes to Achieve Your Goals in 2024!

Avoid These Mistakes to Achieve Your Goals in 2024!

As the new year begins, many of us think about resolutions for change in our lives. But often, we end the year without achieving them. 😞

Did you know that 25% of people give up on their resolutions after just one week?

Wow, after only one week! 😮

Do you want this year to be different and actually accomplish your goals?

For those of you that do – I went back to one of my videos from a few years ago to share with you 5 common mistakes people make in setting goals and resolutions.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the mistakes. For more detail, check out my video.

➡️ 1. Vague Goals

Setting general resolutions like “get healthy” or “save money” can lead to unclear outcomes. Instead, be specific – define exactly what you want so you know when you’ve achieved it.

➡️ 2. Goals Are Not Written (physical or digital)

One study showed that writing down your goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve them. Take the time to write them down.

➡️ 3. Goals Are Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind. Regularly review your goals to keep them at the forefront of your mind and stay focused on your objectives.

➡️ 4. No Plan to Achieve Goals

Goals without a plan are just wishes. This is how you actually take action to see those goals come to fruition.

➡️ 5. Didn’t Pray or Ask God

Instead of comparing yourself to others or making up your own, ask God what He wants for you and what goals to set. He’s the One that actually knows what’s best for us!

Avoiding these mistakes can set you on the path to success in 2024.

Let’s make this year one of fulfillment, where we see our goals accomplished…to the Glory of God!

And remember – God is good…and life should be too!


PS – Click here to watch the video, where I go into more detail about each mistake you should avoid.

📖 Scripture of the Week

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)

🗨️ Quote of the Week

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

Zig Ziglar